Random Items conceptions

A thread made for random pixelarts of mine. I will post them from time to time (here) to avoid creating new topics. Feedback aways appreciated!

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Dark Spirit Scythe
description: Made of dark essence, used to slay dragons. Exclusive Blacktower 2022 item.

Grandma’s cape
description: Warm cape made of wool by a caring grandmother.

I give all the rights of my item design to Kukouri Mobile Entertainment ltd. to use it as they please in their games/social media or in any other form of media.


i don’t know about the cape but the scythe looks sick. Keep it up.

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Thanks! Glad to hear you like it

New one.

Tiny dragon wings
description: The wings of a newly born dragon. What a sad fate…


I ate a baby dragon for breakfast today. Uhhhhh huh? I don’t eat wings.