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Might have quitted the game, I still can’t resist checking the forums and even lurking the discord server of pw. Prolly bc I miss the ppl who welcomed me lol…

I have missed many pw lores (not the actual game lore) in forums and in the discord server.

For discord users, just wanna ask if the server is well and should I waste my time getting regular role (jus kiddin)

What happened to skyflakes? It’s also good to know @BernardSeller has finally returned to the server!!!

As well as ephus, not singling out tho…
I guess he had mental breakdown or smth

I have as well deleted my disc acc because some person snuck into it, so I made another acc → 1nb4#2312

I also wanted to apologize to IWasWeird at Growtopia forums for formally singling him out here. (I am the idiot, not you :3) and ephus was the villain all this time.

The ppl I miss includes some members of cero clan specially commanderder, celics, soap, gnomer, serxan, fazeus, Ricky, and everyone that was on my back while I was playing the game (kinda have forgotten some ppl tho, am sorry lol)

My note: isn’t it ridiculous if I make this topic? I just recall the moments and those memories can’t be forgotten. this topic may be useless at all… But I really just to know what’s happening here lol… I’m as well focusing on irl to study Humss for collage :slight_smile:

Be positive and be safe ppl~!
Ex - pw player


skyflakes still plays

Alot of people were unbanned

Not even close, I think he was just suspended and didnt bother to post when unbanned

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Glad to see you again! :grin:

many of the people you mentioned still play pw though i haven’t heard anything of commanderder in a while but maybe it’s just me.

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welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:

yes the server is fine now (kinda), a lot of good people got unbanned from there

deleted/disabled the discord account, still active ingame and ig tho

and here’s your funny pic :slightly_smiling_face:


Deleted, I have miss the opportunity to tell skyflakes if she has feelings on Bernard :flushed:(sorry Bernard if ur seeing dis lol)

I was just about to sleep, this will probably appear on my dream now lollll

I wonder how some ppl were unbanned, aldophle changed? :eyes:

We have a history with ephus and is weird how he’s acting like this after selling in-game item for irl money.

The first guy I met in-game!! I miss you as well and thanks for rmb me lole

Thanks for the info anyways, interested to know that! I miss commander-san :flushed:

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You can always come back in the Hueco clan server and talk with us about different topics :smiley:

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Missed you too! Quite a while since I saw you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And yeah many people were unbanned, was a pretty good surprise when I checked into discord near Christmas

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Birb to anime PFP now your the general dude lol

Thanks for inviting me :slight_smile:

She deleted her discord to focus on studies.

AFFAIK she still plays pw

Starfire did a mass unbanning

Because she is the only logical person in this cruel world , so what? Aldople iwll just ban everyone again with made-up reasons.

Thought people would change :robot:

lol why would she delete it, if I were at her situation I would just lock my phone but that’s unfortunate. :skull:

[quote=“Desti, post:13, topic:12047”]
Starfire did a mass unbanning
[/quote]What a legend, thanks for sharing that info

I came to the realization that I did not even play the game, thus not needing to be on the forums.
I came to check here anyhow at 3:11 in the morning.

By the way, my 1600mm wingspan long range plane works now. Autopilot installed with all FPV systems and whatnot. Battery lasts for 20km, at a speed of 45km/h at half throttle (cruise speed). Top speed recorded is 115 km/h when it nosedived into the ice, but no electronics broke and it was repaired in one evening.

Here is the first autopiloted flight, taken from around 40 meters low. Picture is bad due to the DVR in the goggles and the memory saving resolution that it records at.

The aeromodelling of the plane is terrible. Tip stall occurs easily at low speeds (<25km/h)., and the induced drag is massive from the short and thick wings.

I should build a directional antenna tracker ground station next.

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Hi ephus-, if that is you… When will you share your public apology to me :slight_smile:

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Me was 13 at the time. Bro fr?