Randomly getting kicked out of worlds

Title says it. Happened when I was fishing earlier, the game always happen to randomly kick me out when I stay on the world for such a long time.

This has happened to me several times now and I’ve lost a lot of lures from it. No I wasn’t lagging or anything- I wasn’t even afk nor did I get the wifi sign before I got kicked out of the world either.


It happens to multiple people at the moment.

For how long were you in the world exactly?

I don’t really know since I don’t pay attention to the time but I’d say probably an hour or less…?

Jake said recently that if you were randomly kicked out of your world it could be because of an Anti-hack thing but I think he said it happens when you are jumping and I’m assuming you’re being kicked while fishing so I’m not sure what could be causing it.

If you’re AFK and not pressing any buttons/doing something in game, you’ll get kicked from the world to free up server space.

i get kicked randomly around 30 minutes or less

I got this several times as well. I’m fishing… Sometimes, I got kicked when I was reeling in the fish. Some other times, I got kicked after I put my lures in.

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That doesn’t sound right at all. Does anyone have an exact time and account name for this type of occurrence?

account name? not sure what you mean there but this problem has been happening for months now
@Picasso even saw me crash (app closing but same thing) right in front of them while we were talking

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Looking for an exact occurrence so I can confirm or rule out a server kick.

yea hold on i complained about it and send a dm on discord
12 hours ago it happened at 11:40am pst the random huge lag spikes are also just starting to be normal

you better be right about the hotfix @malo when i wake up

Sometimes it’s funny but when I’m fishing, ANGERY

It’s happens to me but mostly in Pixel Station when I’m AFK for quite long :thinking:

I get randomly kicked while fishing as well. This is since jet race update. Not afk

I don’t know if this was already patched, but I used to get kicked randomly while fishing some months ago.

So, I tried to fish on different worlds looking for a possible factor that triggered these kicks, and I came up with the idea that some weather globes on fishing worlds used to kick me out randomly. The Pixel Trial Weather Globe used to kick me while fishing.

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You get kicked randomly when the world is full and needs space for new people to join… So the people who joined for the first are kicked out and the new ones take their place…

This is not planned behavior.


Still happens to me, as well as the fishing bug that existed since launch that nobody ever wants to address