Rate My Set (And a question)


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And maybe some other thoughts about it


Would it fit with mechanical wings?
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If no, what wings would be best for it? (reply)

mask and hair arent fitting, tweak those up and it could be an ez 10/10, cuz it’s still unique

No offence, but it looks like a set i would wear when i was 11

And no it wont fit with mechanical

Try making the set colour-coded

it IS color coded, unless you’re talking about the hair and mask which Neo said, yes the mask and hair kinda doesn’t fit

Feeling a bit generous today so I gave you an 8.

Set suggestions ✨

I suggest getting rid of the hair, and mask - they don’t really fit with your set IMO. You could probably switch out the hair for something black or red. And the mask? You can choose to get rid of that altogether. But it’s your set, and you can do whatever you want with it!


Will be better
Mask: Skull Facemask
Hair: Blue Spiky Jpop

Sorry but the mask, eyewear and hair doesn’t fit at all. Also for the wings, you don’t have to buy expensive wings and just buy Demon Wings.

Or dragon wings ( i think the demon wings would fit great)

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You got the pants wrong lol, also my set is now :

I’m still trying to get exca gloves

That was what i was talking about, use the red scarf or whatever its called

how can a set define your age?

The thing is…the hair DOES fit the set. It is giving flash or spiderman vibes, (sometimes flash has blonde hair with his red suit)