Rate my video

Rate it by anything from editing to content

this is actually pretty good
quality, 1080px and 60fps i best you can make pw videos so its 10/10
editing, there wasnt much editing to see so i wont rate it
content, you shared only opinion, you said people find it themselves, makes question why you made video about it then?
i havent seen your other videos yet but im actually interested to see
oh and also, i love the music you used

well its my first video haha

i also noticed it has thumbnail missing

well i added one but it didnt go through

It has good quality, the background music is fine. But you’re just standing there while story-telling, maybe when you get to the part where you compare both method, the pros and cons, a graph or an image will pop up or smth.

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yea, thanks for the feedback :smiley: