Rave clan getting removed

Hey, could anyone tell me please why is Rave clan getting removed?

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I’m not sure to be exact but I think it’s because the owner was permanently banned (Devz) if I’m not wrong and a lot of players from the clan was banned for something, I’m not really sure but that could be it, I recommend you to wait for PixelBot to upload clip about Jake talking about Raven clan.


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its because he doesnt post alot stuff himself


Because the clan was not cool enough so the admins decided to send it to the shadow realm


Ima ask u nicely to shut up.

Why? :pleading_face:

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Nicely , shut up :slight_smile:

Why? :pleading_face:

Ehmm, this was already spoken and explained in the recent livestream. You can check the Twitch ReRun of the stream or, if you don’t want to watch the whole rerun wait for Pixelbot’s Stream Highlights videos :smile:

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You got the 2 clans mixed up. Raven clan and Rave are 2 different clans, this guy was asking about Rave.

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I did watch the whole live, but as far as i remember Jake just said they broke the rules. I wanted to know excaclty what they did

Some people in the clan were involve of abusing a duplication glitch.


Also i actually posted this question during the stream just after Jake said that he removed that clan.

You are right, I completely mixed them up together, thanks for correcting me.