Re releases

So we’ve had Red Sunglasses and now the farm stuff barn doors, walls etc …

What else is lurking in the unreleased box of PW?

Will these be let out ?

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How many greek temples did you destroy and how many crimes did you commit?


None, i promise :rofl:. took me a long time to farm those …

These are ones i started off with 4 trees from an old farm …

I cleared the remaining trees today and got almost a stack. …
. :grin:

I’m steadily setting up specific farms.

I already have a platforms one, blocks, and now pillars …
Wall papers will follow soon…

I prefer to hold seeds than stacks of blocks (i do always have some of each anyway)

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mans going to rebuild the entire earth from the Romanian era

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romanian and roman are 2 different things

oh oh no oh no no oh god no why no why why no god why why god please no

the real romanian era didn’t even start yet, soon we’ll dominate the world