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Hello all ! I’m new on the forum . Since i started to play i didn’t knew about these sites . I have 15 years and i have almost 4 years in game , and i really want to know how to become a mod , cuz i’m looking at hundread of videos of pixel worlds and i get excited to see how a mod works . Idk , i just want to help the comunnity cuz i like to go undercover to scammers and ban them and u know what i’m saying . I just want to know what i have to do to became , so please respond at this message who know! Merry christmas​:santa::kiss:

Takes a lot of dedication and knowing what and what not to do to become a mod.
Imo, people who are worthy to become a mod, should already know exactly how to become one in the first place.


yea but why ever be a mod lmao

Be active in the community, help others and apply when the mod applications open.

Also that title is kinda vague… Please use more descriptive titles than “read this”.

Ah … here we go again…

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Welcome to the forums. Moderators are chosen from trusted and dedicated players by the administrators of the game. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a moderator but not everyone can be one. I’d say if you really want to be a mod play the game for what it is, help others when you can, stay humble, and stay out of trouble. Good luck!

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If you want to become a moderator , get well-known , be friend with other mods and maybe then they will recommend you :slight_smile: