Recent Maintenance

There was a recent hack in the game that resulted in us banning a lot of accounts and putting the game into maintenance. We have seen some reports of people wanting to appeal their bans - you can do this by emailing with your in-game name, details of your ban and the reason you believe you were wrongfully banned. We will only get back to you if we require more information on this.

Some players may have lost familiars during the short period between maintenance breaks. Please remember that if your familiar was hacked/glitched, then you will not get this back! However, if you think you have legitimately lost your familiar, please email support with details.

Please do not spam the support email and please be patient with us while we work through these requests.

Thank you for all of your reports and for helping to keep Pixel Worlds a fun place to be!

If you have any questions, I can try to answer them here :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you going to sticky the thread so it can show up for more people so they don’t post the “why was I banned” threads?

i didnt like the thing that my items not getting added, thats sad.

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new update when?

That’s messed up! Are they still in the process of improving the game?

can i still get banned if someone trades me illegal bc? i am scared xd. or all of them are gone?

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Next time a dupe glitch occurs, is it possible to restrict the trade feature?? because I’ve seen it done to a game, they blocked trade features simply because of some exploit. it’s just a suggestion. is there a reason why you guys can’t do it??

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Good suggestion.

Then there’d be a flood of spam threads that are like “oMg wHy cAn’T i tRaDe!!!111111111”

isnt there like a trade hack where the hacker can make you automatically accept the trade? if so, that must be removed

ppls can be easily baited by doing a show battle!

Better than nothing. There could be some kind of announcement thing

No there isn’t as far as me and others know.
If it really was it would’ve caused a DISASTER.

I meant questions about the recent maintenance :sweat_smile: but the next update will be Halloween. You can ask these types of questions every Friday at 15:00 GMT+1 in-game in the world CTALK or on our discord server at 15:30 GMT+1 where we do a voice channel and you can ask me any questions about the game :slightly_smiling_face:


It depends on the situation but for most cases, no you can’t get banned. However, if you’re doing a trade with an amount of bc that seems a suspicious amount (e.g. far bigger than the value of the item) then it’s probably best to be safe and not do the trade and report the seller :+1:

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Can we just get a non precise number of how many people have gotten banned? Or do you not save it anywhere? And how many people have gotten unbanned?
Alsu when ekipali unban.

It might be possible :thinking: Good suggestion


That’s good too…

Thank you for the sticky!

(I think it should be globally stickied because most people don’t filter by category…)


Category should be the main page when you open forum