Recommend me some good mining gears

I’m a bit new to mining. I would like to know what are some of the best mining gears out there especially for people that just started out like me. It would be great if the set is not too expensive. Thanks!


It depends on your budget, really. But I’d say to go for Exca Gloves & Moustache, DD Shirt, and DD/Exca Shoes.
If you’re aiming to do Lvl 5s, Miner Backpack will be a must in my circumstances.

Thank you. Do you happen to know the prices of those items?

I don’t, but from what I know, those are probably some of the cheapest.
Also, use a wing/JP if you don’t plan on using the Backpack

Check the world “buyaxe” for prices.

Alrighty. Hope that I could afford them. :laughing:

Oh, okay. Thank you!

Good luck :slight_smile::+1:

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