Recycler : OP, or Overrated?

Considering how many Byte Coins it could produce, do you guys think that the recycler is Overpowered for the economy? Or is it just overhyped by Youtubers?

Do you think it needs another nerf? Or is it enough for it to stay that way?

It’s good how it is :+1:

Overpowered during the event

I think it’s fine as it is, as it got nerfed multiple times.

Whenever there is any big profit they just nerf it

Because they want things to be stable, along with everything else. :slight_smile:

I know that’s fine I’m not against it it can be annoying tho when you get lots of the item but then they nerf it and it’s like 100 wls wasted

Its not super good or anything. But it’s possible to make some profit with it and can be usefull sometimes.

It was already nerfed and it seems to be fine as it’s right now.
OG’s will remember when we used to recycle lots of Lock Tokens for many points.


Chances are, you could make more bytecoins just selling things on PWE than you would recycling them.