Refusing to add new farmables is a bad excuse

I wanted to discuss how they have been trying to add new ways to get gems in the game.
Pets, fishing, mining, nether, PVP, etc etc.
Why not farming?
One of the devs have made claim that they want to add more unique ways to get gems… But doesn’t that completely going against the sandbox aspect of the game, and “doing whatever you want”? They should honestly add farmables, not only that but add new features that will make farming a more intriguing practice.

I personally think the only reason they aren’t focusing on it anymore is because they can’t admit that they don’t have the power or technology to stop the people who use third party programs to farm automatically.
Your ideas in the comments please

From what some people said :.

  • Devs want to move away from block farming because the idea was probably very much from GT
  • Farming is boring, I mean breaking blocks everyday?? Fishing might be actionless aswell, but you can do alot of stuff while waiting for the fish to strike

Even if they didn’t admit that they couldn’t stop third party programs for auto farming, who could you blame? They’re a small team and people want more action (PVP, PVE, Parkour) And I don’t think people even need a third party program, I mean they can just buy/make an autofarm

Idk, I mean if what they want is to farm, why not farm SB or BBB???

Better make updates that are new from both GT and PW, like farming in here :

(Originally posted by Aldople)

“Small team” is not a valid excuse. You’ve seen far more from more ambitious indie games from teams that started with one single person like Stardew Valley, Spelunky, Cave story, Undertale, MINECRAFT, and far more

Saying farming is “boring” is a completely subjective opinion, and the only reason people have slowed down on this is because all of the other far better alternatives give far more gems and far more profit, not because people particularly find it boring or not. They don’t farm SB or BBB because they barely get anything from it compared to other means.

I also think it’s stupid to compare a small feature like breaking blocks and harvesting them for more to GT, especially when we’re over 3 years in development where we already have world locks and wrenches. Just adding a block with a higher gem drop wouldn’t lead anyone to compare it to another game.

Quite surprised somebody knows this hardcore difficulty game.


That is right, people are still trying to get gems whether they find it boring or not and I forgot about why people stopped farming, so ty for reminding. But still though, I think something that involves action is more fun (This is highly opinionated)

Small Team that also depends on experience, skill, creativity, etc. I mean hackers or players can find multiple ways to cheat the system and I don’t know much about third party programs, so I’m not going to continue to repl about third party programs

Tbh, that is true, and I can’t find anything wrong with that reply so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯, the only thing that’s similar to Gt is the concept of block breaking/placing which I read one of your posts that said it was unoriginal from GT aswell (Because of Minecraft having it first) So your reply is true tho

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Well I can relate to that but, to get the best amount of gems as well as profit, you will need to buy gears and stuff for fishing. I honestly think fishing is too expensive for people who have a low amount of world locks. Farming does not really require that so I think adding more farmables that give a decent amount of gems too can help.

That’s why I was mining, Thanks to Kaluub, I got my first 20 wls and got another 380 from a month of gameplay (50% rng mining, 50% non-rng)

Well for mining, much like nether, you will need some experience in fighting and things like that. You also need a good connection (like just an hour ago I wasted a gold key because of the wifi). Same as fishing, mining requires some gears too to get the best amount of gems, which means, I said last time, you are spending world locks. Farming? It needs no experience from the player at all! All they got to do is find the right farmable, put some elbow grease into it and voila there, making some gems without spending anything (really).

uh what… GT didn’t invent sandbox games

Why would I need to practice when I can just tap the monster :thinking:

Doesn’t fishing also need no experience nor wifi?

Wait what
Did I just say that GT invented sandbox?

Like, 5 gassys can literally come towards you and you have no idea how to really protect yourself with that. (If you do not know how to do that)

As for fishing, losing 1 lure because of wifi is not really a big deal (unless you are that one who thinks it would have been a dring). As for experience, well, only in trying to catch the fish is the only thing you need to practice.

You don’t need practice to know how to dodge a one way gassy,

What about: 1 gassy coming towards you, with a maggot behind you, and a bat in front of you with a rocky.

Idk man you just need to move a couple of blocks away ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My statement still stands, I can’t quite understand

I mean like, they are coming at you all at once in a few different directions

DIGGY HOLE problem solved

people doesnt farm because fishing/mining is way more easier profit and doesnt take much time to get first world locks, if there could be more farmables that profit is equal to fishing/mining, people might even want to farm then, because sb is like 999/1 no one doesnt have time to break them to get only few wls.

i agree that we should get more farmables.