Religions. the quiz

Hello brave reader,
Do you dare to enter gods quiz?
It is hard, you will need friends.
Do you really think you are good enough?
Do you think you are better than GOD?
Do you really dare to enter his Maze?
Do you?
What a useless reader.
You will never beat him.
You’re just a useless creature.
You’re nothing.
Absolutly nothing.
And you still dare to beat his maze of hell?
GODS maze of hell?

Idiot. Give up. Are you sure that you didn’t forgot you’re brain when you were born?
Well it seems you have.
I gonna give you a hint so i can see you die.
‘‘What do Galileo Galilei, Napoleon Bonapart, the guy who managed to create fire himself, James Watt,
Jesus etc. have together?’’
What are they all?
It starts with ‘‘r’’.
15 letters.
Type in menus as a world name.
Now go.
You probably never come back.
Will see…
Oh and let the Gargoyles guide you on you’re way.
Bats are you’re friends too.

I made a bit harder than before because Condu cracked me quiz from last time in a very short time lol.

I’m stuck at the parkour part. I was hoping I would win but parkour is my weakness so I guess I won’t lol

EDIT: Just won d:

Time to ask my classmates about is one :smirk:

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no cheat lol :sweat_smile:

I almost solved the code once, ok I’ll be guessing I guess.
If Condu solves this first then she is a Catholic

I’ve just solved it a couple of minutes ago. Religion doesn’t matter, you just have to use your common sense.


is it done?.. claim the prize already?

I cant pass this as far as i know i tried all possible.

I just woke up and see theres a quest again

Read the signs carefully.

Oh and, please don’t giveaway the questions to everyone 'cause Death just told me to not give away the answers after I won. I think he’s going to give everyone a prize.

im confused, i thought Jay has taken the prizes the this topic is over.

ez dubz for the win oh wait not supposed to answer here sorry i remove my answer

Is this a @true game?

Please read what I just said.

so basically, you won and the owner will give more prizes?

Yes i will give 3 times, jay got one, the next two get one too.

time to guess the code since i have a free time today

my heads hurting, i can think of 2 words. this is hard.
i wonder what the prize is.