Remember when dark bunny was one of the top things?

Remember when green visor was just a pl?

Remember when Pixel Stratocaster was very hts?

Remember when everyone was always excited for the Secret Base everytime it almost came?

Remember when it was just fun and games, until toxic players came along?

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no not really.

but everything else was expected i guess. sure i remember, but i wouldn’t go back and change it.

this were very sad man :C that was the thing that ruined the game, but the game is fun tho

historial memories that isnt going to last long. sad truth.

I was never aware people valued it highly, guess I’ve just never really cared about it.

Nope, I don’t… Guess I never cared about the green visor either. :joy:

I’ve never had one or tried to buy one, so I can’t really comment on how hard they were to sell.

That’s probably more of a personal experience for you. Whenever I’m online, and the Secret Base is about to open, I seem to see a lot of excited people. It’s a fun way to sink some time into the game without it getting stale, because it’s only available for a limited time, and I think that’s nice.

For an MMO, I think Pixel Worlds has done a great job at maintaining a dedicated, and mature community. Sure, there are toxic players who bring the experience down, but that’s to be expected with any MMO.

The community is one of the main reasons why I left Growtopia and came to this game instead, so maybe I just haven’t noticed the toxic parts of the community, since I came from a much worse place.

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different opinision! nice!

Having toxic players is almost inevitable in games but i do understand your point.