Reminder that this is still superior to Best Set

Okay, you might have told me that I should cool it down with the Wii posts.

Problem is, the PW voting system is STILL garbage and EPWRs STILL win unfairly.

We need more specific contest than just colors (slap on a colored EPWR and you win) or summer/back-to-school/any (slap on ANY EPWR and you win). More like “Bubble gum token shop sisters” or “clan NPC” contests where you actually have to be creative and design a set to look the most like a specific thing.

About the voting system - why not make it so instead of picking between two sets every time, make it so you get a group of 10 sets and pick the most fitting ones, and if there are none, there would be a “refresh” button to get a set of 10 different ones. You can pick up to X different set(s), where X would be up to the devs.

we need to add comments to sets most commented comment will be under the set
(like if people say ‘‘dont vote to this its spam’’ alot it will be sticky under it’’)

or there must be a button for reporting it like for reaons ‘‘unrelated’’ it can be abused but it will be better

ah yes let’s make moderators moderate sets instead of the game. genius.

idk. i feel like any “solution” suggested won’t help. like they could make it so that there are certain requirements ie sun hammer or equivalent for a summer set but then you’re excluding people without one. or the requirement could be no epwr but then every 10 year old with one will chuck a sooky.

my idea? uninstall :sunglasses:

I think the reward should be sent manually by the admin, if it’s irrelevant they can simply cancel the reward and still show the set as the winner.

And it will be easier for alts that vote the set when there’s this choose one from ten method.

(I literally spent 1 minute on this.)

Wii do not care.

I see it as an unsolvable problem, most of the audience of the game is young so they either dont care and spam at random for reward or don’t read the prompt and vote whatever they want. I don’t think it’s possible to solve this unless you put an unreasonable ammount of resources into it.

yo ondra can you do 1 Morbillion more times making wii threads?