Remove the trade feature from the game?

My friend said the trade feature will be removed from the game. If that happens, I’m going to quit this game. What do you do if the trade feature is removed?

Gamer makers at Kukouri, I hope you understand the trading feature is an important part of the game. Removing it causes more harm than good.

They wont lmao, its another Jake’s joke of the day stream.

I were just asking, because my friend exchanged all his pls to byte coins :smiley:

i really hope its not all of his world locks.

Me too. Byte values are now very unsure.

Your friend is wrong I’m afraid jake won’t remove the trade feature

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Don’t worry about it. No, it won’t be removed.

There is Soo much players who are collecting Bytes, only because jake made a joke, it’s quite like when jake says: trash ur wls
ppl: jake said that, Soo…

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