Request for Sci-Fi Window to be in BC Store

i’m sure some of you know that the Sci-Fi Window have been present in the game since the very early days in PIXELSTATION and we do not even have it in the Sci-Fi booster for nearly 5 years (idk why) and yea, i think it would be good to have those window in the BC Store


Can’t you just phone Jake as a mod?

You always complain about mods and admins having more power than regular players, but here a mod, requesting a feature the same way as everyone else, and you don’t like that neither.


But why do it the slow way when you have a fast way available?

Why complete a parkour the slow way, when a fast way is available?


i’m just requesting for an item to be in the BC Store and here you are trying to find trouble. nice.


I just asked why don’t you use something that you have available, I was not even trying to stir up drama.

well the most logical reason is because of fairness? doesn’t mean having the privilege of having an admin’s contact means i can just message them whenever and whatever i want, it’s really common sense. anyways, if you have any other issues or comments, please DM me instead of replying to this thread with off-topic stuff (i myself is going off-topic but this is the final reply of this thread i hope).