Requests for Pixel Worlds art for me is open

I will be drawing anything pixel worlds related. From sets, to your own pixelian, to other stuff. I will also not make it look like a pixelian but rather more humanoid, so it will be a little realistic.
I also take a 1-2 day break after a drawing is done because I get stressed out over making the drawing after countless times (because I make drafts sometimes) and that stress is effort, and effort= good art.

Must not be a decoration, weapon (only weapon or any hand item), or anything inanimate
Must not be something offensive
Must be something like this: My set (with image), Bunnyrai set, ae sidhe set, etc. (THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES)

Reply down what you want me to draw, I hand draw my art. Also I have no coloring markers (mine died a year ago) and the good kind is expensive so I will be showing my art, but it is just ink (art but no color). I am also doing this to showcase my talent.

I also am thinking of making a comic book series about the superhero stuff in pw. It will be a series of short panels that are connected and will release once a week or once in 2 weeks. Date of when I will start will be unknown for now.

Reminder: Guys it doesn’t always have to be your sets XD

draw @Totul giving me dark pixie wings


I didn’t mean by things like that-

Some advice for opening commissions of any kind; state your prices and some examples of your work right in the post itself. People need to know what they’re getting, and for how much.

By the way, good luck on the comic, too. I was planning on making my own as well based on some original characters and PW lore, and it’d be interesting to see how we both might develop them.

put me as a cameo in your series :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t mean it is a commission, I fixed it

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Haha sure (20 characters)

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make me set pls

Celestic blonde hair
Pink contact lens
classy black jacket
Pacifist wreath
Ifrit tail
Aes sidhe wings
pepe the bunny

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No no DC comics gonna knock knock on his door

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Anyway here is my set

Wolf hat
Red Spiky Jpop
Gray shirt
Gray pants forgot their name
Winter fox shoes
Wolf tail
Alien gloves

Marvel does the cameos…

On it, but as I said in the topic, I do not have coloring materials, therefore it will look like manga art (only it doesn’t look like anime) so the pink lenses and those will not be… pink

kk just shade it

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Btw do you have any hand item that goes with it or no? It’s ok if yes or no

Well yea… bunnyrai katana, you don’t have to add it tho ~ if you want to u can do

Oh alright thanks, btw it is almost finished

Draw my lil bros set :slight_smile:

Screenshot_20210624-110659_Pixel Worlds

He wants that his set gets drawn, so i replied his set here :slight_smile:

Sheriff hat
Black domino mask
scar mask
dead rocker coat
black tights

Goodluck on drawing this!

well technically batman, wonderwoman, and hawkman are in the game so yes DC :wink:

Here is a sneak peek for you Ignore the bunny for now he ain’t done XD

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