Retnos drama?

I don’t know the full details nor the reasons. But it’s funny how 1-2 got affected and more than 10 people say they got “affected” by her actions. She is a new mod and humans make mistakes.

Stop calling her “Starfire 2.0”. Starfire was a person that would ban people in-game and on forums for criticizing her. Retnos is a brand new mod with very little PW moderating experience.

Either show tolerance or don’t get involved if you were not affected by anything.

And just in case I get banned. I need a good reason why. Cya take care.


People with very little pixel worlds experience shouldn’t be a mod. And she has done her mistake.

You don’t ban someone 2 months for spamming threads.


that made me remember a song which started with line ‘‘eveyone makes mistakes’’ its amazing if anyone wants to listen it i can send link

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The amount of people who don’t know the full thing but still comment anyway makes me wonder if proof should be even more public to avoid the mod getting backlash or not (If the mod doesn’t mind)


Knowing the difference between criticism and slander is important. But not in the PW community because neither are welcomed lol.


The fact that I said to Pin to NOT make a video about it and that it will only cause more drama, and yet he did. People in his comments are saying “I hope she gets demoted” when only they know one half of the story. Pin kept saying that he was banned for no reason at all, even though it was clear he was most definitely wasting staff time trying to get someone unbanned even though they were proven guilty. Pin. I know your reading this. You are a nice guy and all, but I told you not to make a video. I warned you what would happen. Yet you did it. Nothing in the video was funny. Nothing in the video was truthful. You no longer are the victim, RetNos is. Pin, the only way to sort this out or atleast get a chance to sort it out is to delete the video entirely.


Stupid logic. Spamming a thread is literally against the rules. Don’t say ANYTHING without knowing the entire story. Especially if you don’t know the rules.

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so having stupid logic against the rules lel, and i agree no drama needed no need to ruin reputation of either side, better sort out issues in private and pw community very weird, ekipali banned for 10 year for hack maybe unban but need to realise because it’s not good you know no need drama

I think the video made by Pin should be removed and the retnos should put their ban back to the original date. There were some good points in the video and possibly the image where RetNos says he would ban anyone who talks about the ban would get banned on the forums could be fake but then there are other things in the video that are very strange that could be true. At the end of the day though, drama is drama and we should all do our best to end it!!!

(text translated)

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Hating on pin or retnos will not fix anything. You are right, thing should’ve been handled privately. I’m trying to talk to pin so he can re-consider the video. I’m sure if retnos and pin talks and sort things out professionally, everything could be better.

Retnos didn’t close this thread, how very interesting.
Retnos, at the very least, you should address things when problematic people try to “speak up” about their punishment.

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Don’t come here trying to flame stuff. Things are being handled in dms right now and if you are not directly affected by any of this, I will advise you to not talk about it. She didn’t delete or ban anyone criticizing her. If you know so much about these topics, go talk to starfire, she will gladly tell you about the times she banned people for judging her.

This is literally in no way “flaming” anything?? Not even a slight implication.

Someone got banned, some people didn’t really think the reason “Consumption of staff time” was really a specific reason, they spoke their concerns and the threads were closed, even if they were civil. Yeah some others acted overboard, and I supported Retnos’ decisions on those threads.

You hear that guys? I’m not allowed to speak my opinion about RetNos on a thread about RetNos!

How is star relevant to this? You don’t know her character more than I do — she definitely would never explain to someone honestly about the bans, it would always be something like, they were all deserved because of a “disgruntled veteran using his status to rally haters against me”.

That would be if she even replied at all. She disappeared, and doesn’t address the situation to anyone.


But I’m just sitting here waiting till this guy gets banned.

He reported me to be an alt of PIN, just because he wanted to see what RetNos would say :frowning_with_open_mouth:
(This post is related to RetNos as he had directly messaged and reported to RetNos, without even thinking.)


not what I meant, I’ll go and reword that after. I meant it’s stupid logic to be saying that spamming a thread is allowed, and that they shouldn’t have gotten banned.

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I don’t think they can. I’ve been trying to help Pin the entire time and was trying to secure a time ingame where they could sort things out. He already made a Game-wide broadcast using the Super Broadcast like thingy, saying that RetNos should get demoted. Strike 1. He ended up saying it was “Funny” and “Humorous”. I also told him not to make a video about it because he said he was contemplating on it, I told him the risks. He didn’t listen. Strike 2. He then proceeded to call RetNos “Starfire 2.0.” as a “joke”. That was his last Strike. Even if he does remove the video, there’s a huge chance that RetNos will say no. Like 99.99% chance. He reached 3 strikes man. This is what he gets.

He’s an impersonator himself, pinning the blame on Egeplays

It’s against the rules?? Okay if so, then you ban that player for 2 months??

Before you blindly back-up someone, try to think if that ban is too much or not.

i have spoken to Pin and he accepted to apoligize and talk to retnos personally and delete the video if things get resolved.

It’s literally one of the 3 most annoying things you can do, of course I think it’s deserved.

Sigh you dont get it do you he had duplicated bytes, the likely reason he was banned was so the admins can sort the mess out and remove the duplicated bytes from the game.

If he was not banned he could’ve traded the bytes which would have been a nightmare for the admins.

It is all for the greater good. Think before you talk.