Retnos is cool

All the rumors are fake, stop making fake rumors with edited proof you noobs


Omg guys I found more proof!!11

by the way Idk anything about the RetNos drama this is a joke

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You’ve been talking about the ‘unjustified bans’ a lot

I made one post a while ago, can’t believe the drama is still going on. I thought it was resolved


Some immature guy kept it going cough cough uhm you know what forget it

Some immature guy kept it going… how ironic.

Well I wasn’t talking about you but uhm what’s ironic?

Yeah I don’t see any reason why retnos would have banned pin and the others maliciously, I’ve known ret for a while now and I know she is a really logical and empathic person.


I just have a tendency to know who’s this “immature” guy here… sounds like me to be honest…

I see…

they could be justified and just cause someone makes one thread that doesnt mean they talk about it alot

you could say I’ve known starfire for a while and she does act logical and an empathetic person but in her mind, she could have different motives, this goes to everyone btw

its not you for sure, the thread creator itself is ironic

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Wait netherslayer got unbanned?? I didn’t notice for a good while lmao.

yet again, an intentional troller on the forums gets a small ban while the other ‘player’ gets banned for 2 months for unclear reasons

Retnos is cool

Previous records and history counted tho


the situation between starfire and pin should be between them only if thats what you are referring to, anyways its only a 2 month ban so meh idk

He’s banned forever from kukouri pixel worlds forum lmao, get your facts straight.