Revamping Old Items

I think the old items like Cthulhu Mask, Skeleton Head, and more old items deserves some enhancements regarding about their animations and interactions within player-based actions like emotes and more. I think they deserved to acquire High-quality buffs because they were considered Ultra Rares or Legendaries


Would be really nice and cool! But I think what had been done stays like that so I don’t see any item changing in the future especially about limited items.


I think limited items should only be updated up to a few months after release. Changing something limited from long ago is not exactly a good idea imo, since people are going to want to try and find these items and the prices will go way up.

(Also you should put this in the game suggestions subforum next time)

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well im not demanding a overall change, I just wanted to make them more special because I felt that they were being left behind and forgotten. I think changes with player emotes would be enough like the Owl Mask emotes

I agree with FarmMiner :

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What about a small change like tears on cthulhu wings and maybe additional effects?

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that’s what im trying to point out like the mouth is also squiggling

That could be a possibility, but not like big additional effects just small ones maybe.