Reward rate balance for Secretbase

  • Hiding items before entering area was really good.
  • Balance for better item drop rates been too hard.

I suggest this type what makes still harder harder each better item to get (UR - Legendary)
While doing 100’s times about secretbase and noticing 6 UR Reward and 1 Legendary Reward then ends completly.
Drop rate should decrease by time and it effects whole team inside each time, which often switches.
Still edge how it ends is too sharp, should continue like this in end : 1/20 - 1/25, 1/30, 1/35, 1/40, 1/45 should bring one better item.
Boost for real new players should be. even 1/2 faster if no older ones in team.

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Complete 100 SB for a Legendary and UC item? I don’t think that’s a good idea, and making it more harder is deadly.

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Make 200 SB in 1 day, then u know about how many items and what u will get as a Reward.
Make 400 SB in 2 days, then u are pretty sure what Reward rates.
Make 600 SB in 3 days, u know about by 40 % sure all Reward rates.
My aim was point out current Reward rates and make lots of times.
Noticed complete end of UR+ items after 50+ times done.

Even if this is implemented, I don’t think this is unfair for us noobs (I can only do 5 sb per day, there too expensive). Only pros can actually do 200 sbs in a day.

Let’s just keep it “Luck based”

even 1/2 faster if no older ones in team. -This is writen in suggestion its just an idea how should be fixed to balance and boost for new ones
Lots of ways to earn BC … it all depends how do u want to earn.
New or Old same basic rules apply.
Here is list of my advices about to earn Bytes

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I still don’t know why people grind secret base for the legendaries. The main profit from Secret Base are the keys and Rare props (Holograms). Consider legendary prizes as a bonus, imo. The “Out of the Blue” aspect is what makes Secret Base fun. In fact, Jake did stated that randomness is what makes the game going.

Like, try to imagine if everyone got the Tridentist Teeth, just because one of their teammates grinded 24/7, while the others don’t grind AT ALL.

Randomness is not in game so high as stated.
Change to get those better gears in Secret base or Nether boss… everytime is done change to get next lowers until edge cuts that none comes.