Rewards For World Activity

I feel like at the current state there is a very limited amount of active worlds. A huge reason for that on my opinion is the lack of reward that you get for building a world and i am not talking about WOTWs. I believe it would be a great idea to implement something a long the lines of world rankings in terms of their activity/how often people visit the world. And as such the players will get rewarded depending on how successfully their world is doing. Currently there is a lack of competition between the worlds as there are worlds that already established themselves as a staple for example worlds: TRADE and BUY. With a reward on the line people will start to act in order to expand on variety of worlds as such the quality of worlds should greatly increase as there will be great amount of competition. Let me know what you guys think so leave your feedback under the post in order for us to discuss it.


After seeing how the rating system in Growtopia played out, I have to say, I don’t think this should be a feature.

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But i feel like people don’t have a motivation in building worlds so something needs to change for sure.

That’s why donation boxes, ad TV’s, and WotW exist though.

That isn’t enough tho, its always the same worlds that are popular. People aren’t trying to compete with them because there is no reward for doing so.

Realistically speaking though, a lot of the worlds that people would consider competing with are trade worlds, that are popular mainly due to their name.

Easily disadvantages smaller players. Anyone with wls can just buy gems and spam global messages. World activity is not hard to achieve. Besides, pw does not have a big enough community for multiple trade worlds. 5 active ones is enough. The world being consistently active is already a form of reward. Good quality worlds that are fun for everyone win wotw and some VIP time. Rates and activity can be abused. What rewards did you have in mind?/ How would the rewards be decided?

The rewards would not be based on daily activity but rather in the grand scheme of things which could either be a weekly/monthly reward. And i don’t think it would be abusable as i believe the count should only apply on separate accounts of people that enter the world, which means even if you leave and enter the world with the same account it would not be taken into the count. In terms of rewards it could vary depending on where the world placed in terms of its activity over that span of time.

@Weks I never mentioned people re-entering the world. I’m saying that in a 30 day month, with less than a million gems, I could win every time. All I need to do is global message and host giveaways in exchange for world rates.

This system is heavily flawed. Unlike wotw, it doesn’t even factor world quality.

Proceeds to spam broadcast and send a bunch of bot accounts to stand in the world for growtokens

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It wouldn’t work that way if the reward was worth less than the amount spent into achieving it.

Proceeds to make a password door game where the final question is ‘1-1000’, but in reality, the password is completely unrelated.