'RGB' PWR Armor

Create a PWR Armor which allows you to change the color to whatever you want. You can change the color as much times as you want.


Imo that seems kind of over powered and would make other PWR suits kind of obsolete


Wew never thought of this but this is a cool idea tho i dont even own a PWR armor cuz poor

Then what’s the point of the rest of the PWRs?

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Maybe instead of doing this for PWR do it for another set that doesn’t exist yet, for example “dog” set or something, because otherwise PWRs would lose a lot of value. Implementing this for a special item or maybe even an intern item would be cool to see though.

This would make the other PWR suits obsolete, like other’s have said. Maybe it could be a PWR suit that’s a gradient of multiple colours instead? That could be cool.

Life hack, wear different colors of PWR suit instead.
Having to change the colors would not only make it obsolete but heavily crash the PWR economy.

Very bad idea, the other PWR’s would become obsolete.

You can fix the problem of other PWR’s becoming obsolete, by requiring them to create the RGB PWR Armor. You would have to combine all of the existing PWR’s together to gain the RGB Armor. This would fix that issue.

That would
1.Still be very overpowered (choosing any color out of the spectrum)
2.Be extremely expensive
3.Would take at least like 5 more new PWR colors

The others are limited, so that would ultimately make even fewer RGB PWR sets, the prices of the others (as well as the RGB set) would probably skyrocket.

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As others said it would kind of destroy the current PWR armors, why not make a “spectrum armor” which constantly changes color like the current spectrum items instead. This way you can’t really fix a color to match the existing ones and i’m sure it would look dope.


That’d be sweet, a spectrum PWR suit…

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This would neglect every other PWR Armour, the price of the armour will greatly affect all of the others as people will no longer want them.

Name one item which wouldn’t be sweet if it were spectrum.
My life would be utterly complete if they’d ever release a spectrum mustache in the game.


Honestly, nothing comes to mind.
Even spectrum poop would be awesome.

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man yall want so many new pwr armors

Literally, nothing comes to mind.
I tried thinking about it on the bus, and I couldn’t think of a single item that would look bad with the spectrum effect.

the power of the spectrum is greater than any other we’ve seen

spectrum nothing update when