Running out of ideas D=

I was gone for more than a week, and I have the urge to make a new video D= I just don’t have any ideas, than helping noobs, but it took me so long to make the first episode =,)

Make some funny skits, that’d be kinda nice


Dares or music video would be nice too


Some ideas for you

Speedrun, prank video, video where you give away items with challenges, trade profiting, mining/fishing profits, show battle(if you have the budget), decay hunt, scam prank(not recommended), soil to something, video where you talk about the hackers, economy related video…


Dudeeeee ekip thts many ideas lol

I like the ideas presented by others here. I feel that these can be good ideas you can try.

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1)make your own game, a clone of pixel worlds
2)publish it and wait till it gets popular
3)when it gets popular, want people to make something
4)make the exact same video but in pixel worlds
easy right?

Yep I totally know how to code games. Simple… very simple.

step 0)learn how to code for probably 1-2 years

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Haha, participate in my summer vidcon 2022! Easy bytecoins… :sweat_smile:.

if you know editing anything could be good, like an mlg montage

What type of video needs to be posted and also does everyone win bytes?

Further information is on my channel! And yes, depending on the quality of the video.

What’s your channel?

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