Saddest day of me in Pixel Worlds

As we all already know next week we are going to have a new update which sounded very very good when I first heard about it, extra backpack slots, bank bot upgrade new animals and almost 200 new items into the game! Everything was fine until todays stream.

There is a possbility of them adding items I worked my butt of back to the game, the reason I grinded so hard was because they were limited and I knew the fact they were never going to come back to the game, so it was not possible for them to drop in value, but if they ever decide to add these items to the Bytecoin Shop, even if they put them for overpay they will lose their hype on them and nobody is going to want to buy these items anymore since they aren’t limited. They might stay expensive if owners of these items decide not to sell it but if they ever try selling them nobody is going to want to buy them and it will ruin their prices.

If the community decides the prices of these limited items its even worst for rich players.
For instance people who own unique items, they bought these items so they would be the only one to own them, I talked with every person who has unique item and they all seem like they pissed off… Trillionaire and TheNooboi said that they will quit the game (trill has long blonde and nooboi has red glasses) also AlamanVEVO (owner of CC Brown) told me that he is going to quit if they ever add CC Brown back into the game.

I don’t know if they really care about hard efforts these people spent…but I hope they do.

This was just a thought that I played around with during the livestream to get your opinions. We do not have any plans to rerelease limited items :wink:


I mean… i’ll be honest, i knew you would make a thread about that xD

I completely agree… people will just say a cheap prize to get dp for cheap for example…

I just hope they won’t add htf items… they deserve to be HARD TO FIND

The opinion of the community sometimes may not be regarded, for example, new forums, neglect of veterans, popularizing P2P, untradeable wls without fleshing it out first, etc. but I think the backlash would simply be too much for them to ignore to do things like that. At the very least, they’ll make the price accurate, and gather opinions from everyone before making a decision unlike last time.

I’m glad to hear that :grin:

Yeah I figured it was only a hypothetical concept that would apply only if the majority wanted it, nobody would be that far gone

That’s what you said about World Locks being untradeable.
It’s always theorizing then planning and then it’s in-game, the change is made.

Despite the majority not wanting it, and they didn’t even address certain issues. But I can look past that I guess, PWE is still fun since I don’t trade anymore. Expensive items are too much of a loss though

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Well it’s always the question what is good for the game. The wl change was. Rereleasing limited items after some thought might be quite bad for it actually :thinking:




I’ll be honest, it is.

Just imagine a second making items come back with less than 10 of them (like red glasses for example or dracula cape), everyone will just buy it and the item price will drop like crazy which is very bad in my opinion…

In my opinion, these kinds of items like dark pixie should stay in the past and not be available again.

Wdym actually, actually it’s great for the game?
People buy Gems with money then buy Byte Coins and then buy the Dark Pixie Wings from the Byte Coin Shop and not from a player.
The inflation is less by the Byte Coin Shop, the bc is going into a void for a cosmetic which is worthless.

If world locks were still tradeable, all items were going to go skyrocket since amount of wls in game was never decreasing, but there are ways to spend your bytecoins…

So it was pretty good decision they made

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“Lots of new items” Owned by others (community items) which sue you for sharing a picture of the item.
I got sued, Antonis got copyright claimed. And it’s happening to everyone surely but slowly.

In order to be a good game dev you got to be able to think about all different possibilities. Even if they might seem weird, different and even bad. You just have to realise what is good in the end but you have to be able to play aroung with all of them. That’s what I think :grin:


Doesn’t every update have new items? It’s a proven statistic that we prefer working on older features instead of invalidating them with newer features.

Like, combining common / uc / rare booster items is the top of my list for wanted things. New items slots would be great too. But every update should have these kinds of small quality of life, not some kind of elusive reward to wait years for.

That’s coming next update if you didn’t already know

Yes yes! Although being a good game dev means knowing what the majority of players want, and that they’re just as important as the devs - without the players, they’re nothing (I don’t mean that in a negative way I mean it in like a yin yang way)

Yeah I know

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Same for bank bot slots… just saying…

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