Safe WL moving/replacing

So, you have seen Jake’s latest stream. Totul wanted the BWL in the world replaced with a normal WL, so Jake opened admin tools, kicked everybody from the world AND also locked the world temporarily so others cannot come in. Well, let’s say that you wanna do this type of thing outside of LOVE, and it’s a popular world. While you can kick everybody out of the world, you cannot prevent other players from going in unless you’re a moderator. So someone just comes in during the process, breaks some blocks and griefs the world.

We ourselves cannot shut the gates to our own worlds, so I want to suggest a safeguard system that will do it automatically to prevent a world being permanently closed.

  • When a WL is in place for 15 days straight, it becomes safeguarded.
  • If a safeguarded WL is broken by it’s owner, it initates a temporary lock of the world that prevents others from going in, and kicks all players currently in the world.
  • Temporary locks from safeguarded WLs are automatically removed once any of these cases happen:
    – Another WL/BWL is placed in the world.
    – 5 minutes pass.

The “safeguarded” status gets removed from a WL once it’s broken, to get a safeguarded lock again, it has to be placed in one place for another 15 days.

GT has a “lock mover” for exactly these kinds of situations, where you can move a WL to another place without breaking it and endangering the world. But it would not be practical in PW since there’s WL and BWL which both have different properties.

Honestly, I think it’s a bit unfair that only the winners of blind actions get VVIP treatments which is literally basic protection of the world.

Or just put a SL at the entrance and then move the WL

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Good concept, but being able to kick everyone from a world just by breaking the world lock seems like it would be easy to abuse for scammers.

I think it would be safer if world owners could just place another world lock over their current world lock, and then it would get swapped around, with the original world lock returning to the owners inventory, and the other world lock replacing it.

Bruhhh exactly as Shawn said place a lock over the entrance this post was very unnecessary

Totul could also place a small lock over the entrance.
In GT you can also place a small lock over the entrance, yet they decided it was safer to create a “lock mover” item.

Stop comparing pw to gt. This is a separate game. We don’t need this feature.

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@Byrne, you shouldn’t deserve VVIP treatment when you buy a world via an auction. They locked the world for him, while he could also just place a SL there.

They locked the world because it was Jake’s fault it was active. Regardless of who he was, they will do the same for every auction winner if required. Please stop with the stupid and annoying posts. You literally just went against your own idea by saying he could’ve placed a small lock. We don’t need this feature, no further replies needed.