Samuraiii Kit (With pictures)

Starting off, in the store section to the Kit packs you can find a new permanent kit called the Samuraiii kit.
which includes the following blocks:

Sakura Vegetation block (x30)

Samuraiii kit4-1.png (3)

Like any other Vegetation blocks, this one is pink, representing the Cherry blossom tree leaves.

Sakura Vegetation background (x30)

Samuraiii kit4-2.png (1)

Like any other Vegetation background, this one is pink, representing the Cherry blossom’s tree leaves.

Sakura Tree trunk (x10)

Samuraiii kit4-5.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-4.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-3.png (1)

Sakura Tree trunk(s), can be wrenched to switch alternate pieces to create a tree out of it.

Sakura Vines (x8)

Samuraiii kit4-6.png (1)

A part of the Sakura tree, use the vines to give the tree a stylish hanging leaves to it!

Red pole street light (x6)

Samuraiii kit4-9.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-8.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-7.png (1)

One of the important elements when designing a Blossom themed garden, these Red street lights will lighten things up. Can be wrenched to different pieces to create a Red pole street light.

Red bridge poles (x8)

Samuraiii kit4-12.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-11.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-10.png (1)

A part of the Blossom themed bridge that’ll get a good grip for any visitors.

Granite bridge (x10)

Samuraiii kit4-14.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-15.png (1) Samuraiii kit4-13.png (1)

A part of the Blossom themed bridge that visitors can step on.

Pile of Sakura leaves (x5)

Samuraiii kit4-16.png (1)

Just some Sakura leaves collected into one place.

Sakura Wood bench (x3)

Samuraiii kit4-17.png (1)

A bench made out of Sakura wood, this one is a pleasant seat to have in your Blossom garden, pure naturalistic!

Clear water (x30)


An already existing water that can be purchased from this kit, just thought it’d fit.

That’s quite the first suggestion i have made for the new forum, any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Anime kit, very cool I like it


That would make for a really cute kit! Personally, I think the Sakura blocks would look prettier if they were a more baby pink colour, and I don’t like the large round part on the lamp. Aside from that, everything there looks amazing, great work.

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Yeah, pretty much i had trouble to get the right colors for the vegetation block, but as a concept side, it should be handed to the Devs to make something out of this. Thanks for the feedback though

As a concept alone, I have no problems with it, it’s really nice.

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it should be called anime kit, but i like the idea very nice.

I would like this is there wasn’t a daily like limit

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Interesting concepts! I would love to see these items in the game!

this is the only thing i find off as it gets pink randomly on the tree trunk itself but overall i like this kit idea seems like it can be used for other building and stuff

YESSS yes yes yes!! I absolutely love the sakura tree trunk and vines, as well as the bench! Now I’m sad that those blocks aren’t in PW yet.

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This would go well with Japanese school boy and girl outfits in the game!

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I love the Sakura tree parts! This needs to be added

Cool but maybe a sakura tree trunk that actually looks like they do irl?

This is a great idea, and I love when a suggestion also has concept art to go with it. I mean, it takes time to do those things!

This is amazing art wow

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bump bump bump i like bump

Just need some Spider Lilies to complete the kit :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like the ninja booster


yeah “ninja” kit looks like “ninja” booster.
consider it’s clearly the same name

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I’m in love with the tree and props! :heart_eyes:

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