Scam Awareness

So I’m pretty sure this has been thought of or suggested by other people, though not here. I think it would be great if they put up more awareness for scams, especially for newbies. There should still be a handful of people who weren’t aware of scams and fell victim to it. Yes you could say it’s their fault for losing the items which is true, but it would be better if the game could atleast make them aware.

Some ways they could implement this:

  1. Add scam situation simulations/lecture in tutorial, that way they have to actually go through it.
  2. Make the simulation/lecture optional, but they will lose the ability to drop and trade until they finish it.
  3. Add some texts in menu about scams.

There are other ways to implement this, but these are what i thought of

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Yes , very nice idea
but they can make this too
If you are in a world locked by another person , you cant drop items or take dropped items by owner. In a locked world only owner can drop/ take items and that will reduce drop games

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Well that could be a change to the drop system, but that doesn’t cover other scams that doesn’t really need the drop feature

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We already have world’s about scamming, I currently know 2 of them: AWARENESS and NOMORESCAMS

New players dosent even know that world but ok.

Thread > they should definitely add it to the new tutorial revamp and show examples into it (like a drop game area)

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Questions is how would newbies know that?

I don’t know,There could be official scam awareness world, that u can enter from pixelstation or smh.

Yes, that’s 1 possible way of implementing this