Scam failsafe system

So, you all know the classic drop game where people drop items to “win a prize” and then the owner places a block on it, leaving the dropped item inaccessible and then banning the person.
However, I’ve thought about a sort of a system that can make these scams less effective.
To initate the scam failsafe, the following conditions need to be met:

  • You dropped an item in the world. Other dropped items do not count.
  • The item just got blocked by a block that was just recently placed.
    Once the failsafe is initated, you will be allowed to break the block containing your items for 10 seconds. This only applies to the block that initated the failsafe. Also, it instantly alerts the mods.
    After the items are picked up, you get a window telling you to watch out for dropgames and other scams.
    You only get 1 failsafe per account to remind users that their items are their responsibilities.

Q&A before I get flooded with negative comments
Q: What about abusing this system?
A: I made the trigger conditions as accurate as possible, and I also suggested to make the failsafe only once per account. If you still know about a way to trick this system, leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
Q: What about preventing world bans?
A: I don’t know. I’ve thought about a ban immunity system for the failsafe, but idk how to make it so it cannot be abused.
Q: But this is unnecessary?
A: Say HOW this suggestion can be improved without just discarding it.
Q: “but just don’t drop!”
A: This is why there is only 1 failsafe per account. Other scams are only their failure and they should have learned from that situation.

alternative solution:


yessir thats the solution

Guys, read the updated post. I posted it due to accidentally clicking “submit” before it was done.

he posted it before you updated it
and also this could be implemented, but would be hard to code

I mean, if they can code in a thing as hard as a whole card game system, they can code in systems that would make dropgames less profitable for the scammers.

They said the card game took a year to develop and code, honestly it could be made in 1 month or 2
And a system like that would be almost the same thing as the hacking prevention systems (like the ones that prevent fly hacks for example)

After the failsafe has been initiated, what’s stopping the scammer from placing another block on the failsafe tile again? They could even place a spike bomb, or another dangerous block, killing the player that’s trying to retrieve their items, and most likely stop them from reaching the block again.

It’s also plausible that the scammer would have enough time to ban the victim before they are able to break the block and retrieve their items.

Players who enjoy playing drop games would probably create multiple accounts and give items to them, as this would allow them to play drop games without the risk of losing their items. It wouldn’t work as a reminder.

Once the failsafe starts, another block cannot be placed on the items until they’re picked up.
And as I said, there could be a ban immunity included in the failsafe.
And with those people that love playing drop games - it’s their fault.
Also, I intended this also to make dropgames less profitable for the scammers.

Simultaneously, this would encourage people to engage with drop games, as there would be much less risk when it comes to losing items. The issue with drop games isn’t that scammers are profiting from it, it’s that people are playing drop games. If people just didn’t play drop games, the scammers wouldn’t be making a profit in the first place, so encouraging people to play drop games by lessening the chance of them losing their items would be counterproductive.