Scammeds with clan

me wanted buy clan world but people has scammed me

Sorry to hear you got scammed, for clan trades it’s better to use a midman to avoid getting scammed.

Anyways, if you got the names of the player(s) who scammed you, you can email support ( with proofs of you getting scammed (screenshot, etc) and admins will look at it.


thank you me send proofs. after all i can get back my bc?

I’m not sure if mods can give back items since they work for their stuff.

No, you will not get back your bc and items. Bit sad to hear that.

i dont really understand your english but letme fix it

“Thank you i send the proofs, After all can i get my bc back?”

Theres one answer… NO
they cant give back your bytes since thats the rules… maybe?

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Yeah, you can’t get your bc back.