Scammers in Pixel Station

So on 2 different times today i find what I call scammers aggressively pushing their worlds and dubious games

Where are the mods??

Surely blatant gambling is not allowed ?

I got into a verbal with one of these idiots who i told where to go… Told him enough or i report He said he wouldn’t leave i said right I’ve got screen shots of all this enjoy what little time you have !.

So where do I send them ? He was so arrogant

I’m not posting here cos of the name and shame rule .

Kokouri need to stop these gambling games they can’t possibly be legal especially with minors … Wtf is what I think …
A rant i know but it would me up

Ban people who push these gambling ideas i am certain it would stop … why all the pussyfooting around

when people say pw mods suck they arent joking, they are never online and when they are online they dont moderate and it applies to the mods chosen from the recent application too

In a nutshell:
We need more mods ASAP.

[quote=“Tellcode, post:3, topic:17744”]
We need more mods ASAP.
we dont need just mods, we need REAL mods. look at miwsky, he is doing an alright job while learning more about it but im sure soon he will go inactive just like luucsas
(idk why quote is broken bruh)

The quote isn’t broken. You forgot the full:true and the [/quote] tags :smile: