Seling Spike Bombs

Hey I am selling Spike bombs on 2021-01-17T18:30:00Z If you’re interested in buying, please reply to this thread :slight_smile:

blocks or seeds? if blocks then im buying it for 999/1, pm me if ur on via forums/discord, i can wait for a day or 2.

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I am selling a lot of sb blocks (5 farms worth) 2 days later…

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ill buy around 1.8k only so basically only 2wls, if its ok for u.

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Oh alright you can contact me at HKTITAN#0856

wait, so the 2days u meant is your still planting them?
lemme contact u sec
i can buy the 1.8k now if theres available, really need em.

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I had planted them a day or two ago… They will be ready by tomorrow i guess…

thank you! i forgot to pm u in discord. you can pm 1nb4#3652 if its ready.

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Yes its ready… come to Lin7 if you’re active on pw right now…

@1NB4 if you’re active please come to Lin7…

later, still at school rn. atlest 2hrs from now, if its ok

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Ok… I will reply when I am free because I got an exam tomorrow too XD

what gmt do u live, just incase if we can contact. im at gmt+8

thanks again

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I am living in India so we follow IST (GMT+5.30)

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@1NB4 can you come right now? Please? WORLD = I982

coming------- 10chars

fast please -----------