Sell World name BYTIE

Hello. I have the world with the name BYTIE. I’m selling it but I have no clue what for. If anyone is interested comment what you would buy for.

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1 wl, my ign is parmashawn

Omg me 1 wl and 1 soil block, please accept

10 wls,wls,wls,wls,wls,wls.

11 wls and a pro soil

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15 wls (my price… IGN = HKTITAN)

15wl and one soil (current best offer)

These are actually the lowest and worst offers I’ve gotten for the world

lol but i still got the highest offer here

But that’s here, that isn’t my best offer tho

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you sell for how much?

I take offers for the world

For information Bytie is Rare Name world, which it comes from in game item, The Bytie Familliar,
It would be worth 1PL or more it depends on how to price it , Cheers just saying .

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Just wait for the perfect time , don’t rush it .

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