Sell world named “leaps” semi rare and clear

Place where to trade Pixel Worlds items and worlds! Bets start at 7.5k

I’m pretty sure its not worth that much

Like, i own the world PACE and, unless i design it, it probably wont go past 7.5k, but leaps i would say 5k max to the right person.

However, it would be worth more if you made a parkour in it.
Like leapfrog or smth

Buy right now hmuch dm me k?

I’ll buy both your worlds.

I’ll do 5k my guy

sure wait for me there

Ok will do my guy I will wait

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I might say no because like leaps there is a world called jumps

oof guys i cant buy now but i can buy tomorrow

Its because jumps is designed

wait your actually gonna buy that? imo its worth 1k bc.

Ever heard of rare world names

what are you trying to say??

Guys, this isn’t growtopia :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Worlds aren’t that rare yet

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