Selling Fin Pennant Seed

Selling Fin Pennant Seed, taking offers.

How much you sell for?

Sell for 30 wls can more

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Can 25wl? (20 characters)

welcome to the forum @Bongojr! if it said 20 characters… dont spam like putting random words but just put (20 characters) or put dots like … but dont spam ok
make sure read da rules!

ok thanks , where is the rules??

You can find the forum rules below.

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No. Minimum is 30 wls.

contact me on instagram , i buy for 30 wls,

If you haven’t sold it, can I buy for 31wls :smiley:

Haven’t sold yet, just looking for better offers.

i do 35 wls , message me on instagram or discord (you can find me on official pw server by doing @serxan )

If anyone wants to offer 40 wls I will sell it right now, if not I will be selling it to Serxan for 35 wls in a few days.

Is Fin Pennant Seed limited?

Yes, the Fin Pennant Seed is limited.

Okay 40wls msg me @bongojrpw on instagram

I messaged you and I’m still waiting in HQ

Reply me on insta or here

verytall u there? (20 character limit)

Yes, I am here Bongo