Selling monolith parts lol

Selling these

And buying dark monolith part 4

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How much???
I never buy monolith parts so idk the price

1.2k each
I bought the boxes for 1k so i think 1.2k is a fair price

So are you buying them or?

how do you get them?

When you consume a cryptic mechanical box, it’s will open a pop up to solve a puzzle (pretty much like the fossil one) once solved, you have a chance to get a part of the dark or light monolith

how do you get cryptic box?

They have a chance of dropping from the monsters or the ore blocks in the level 5 mine.

(not sure if it’s from the monster or the ore blocks but sure thing is that you get them from lvl 5 mine)

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ok thanks alot (20 characters)

It’s only from the ore blocks, yeah.

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still selling?

yea im still selling some light ones

what parts?

Light part 1 and Light part 4

I’ll buy part one, meet in Dkoi?

Alright yea lets go mama