Selling WLs 300 bytes each (SOLD)

Uh, yeah, yo
It’s ya boi Bluvox, I’m rappin’ today
I got some items, are you willin’ to pay
30 world locks in my pocket right now
lookin’ for 300 bytcoins each, I mean wow

If you’re lookin’ for a bulk buy
I am just the right guy
I sell all 30 for a decent price (yo)

If you’re lookin’ for a bulk buy
I’m selling them all (30!)
for 9000 BC, nice!


Uh, yeah, yo
Listen here friends, I got some news
I sold my locks for something to use
With a exchange here, and trade right there,
I got my coins right fair and square

I hope you enjoyed my little rap
Be back again, in a snap
Now sorry folks who wanted these more
You should have arrived right here before!

??? What is this? You have just completely discouraged me from buying.

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it was a gamble I was willing to take
And I don’t regret it yo

Bump: Sold
I’m bumping because people need to see my rap.

Good reason to bump lol

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Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss


This feels like something you could put against the thomas the tank engine theme song

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The duality of man.

20 damn characters…

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