Seperate booster blocks from clothes!

(idk if this suggested before or no in forums)Seperating the booster blocks from booster clothes is good because builders have hard time finding those booster blocks , and getting them from boosters is kimda hard.

This would make getting specific items much easier, but it would also overcomplicate boosters, and make legendary items easier to obtain unless their rates were tweaked.

I agree, and even if this was implemented, it still won’t be the best thing.

Say, there are 15 items you can get
1 in 5 chance, nice… BUT

You’ve got to allocate for rarity, Lets say a specific legendary, you have a 1 in 5 chance to get it right? But you forgot the chance of getting one thing twice. Theres a chance of getting the same items 3 times, or twice making your chances go down to 1 in 45 chance of getting at least one of a specific item, plus, legendaries also depend on chance, lets say a 10% chance of getting one so thats 3 in 30(or 1 in 10) chance of legendary, theres also normally a few legendaries so saying they each normally have about 3 legendaries, you have a 1 in 3 x 1 in 10 chance making a 1 in 30 chance of getting a legendary. also, all of this is conducted on no scientific evidence, so nice job wasting about a minute of your life reading this and about 5 minutes of mine typing

TLDR: 1 in 45 chance getting legendary, then 1 in 3 after of getting specific legendary.