Server Due date

anyone know when will pixel worlds server expired? i remember seeing a few post talking about it but I can’t seems to find it anymore.

I don’t even thinks God knows about those information.

It’s 2024

I can’t remember exactly when.

Im still surprised everyone goes on about this so much.

It will get renewed .

Even if current owners didn’t do so there is so much potential and therefore value in the game and it’s name it would be sold/bought by another group .

I have a quite more specific date of the shut down but I would rather wait and see than share and be a liar

No one is going to shout liar.

It’s not in exactly in your control

I still say even if it did shut down , it would be temporary. PW is a way to big to disappear

if it shut down the data the servers hold would get deleted…

if you don’t mind, can you pm me the date? i won’t call you a liar if you are wrong xD. or just say it here