Set Reveal

I wasted 2-3 whole days finding a seller for the pants alone, willing to overpay for a pair. I got one today so I finally could reveal my set out. Rate it of you feel like it.

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I don’t get it why people are spending alot of their currency for a set which could be more simplier with less-valuable items. It just becomes too overrated as I/we get used to seeing people having valuable items in their pixelian.

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It’s mainly because of the aesthetic purpose. Wanting to stand out and maybe show off how far you’ve gone ever since you were first thrown into the game. Kind of the reason why some want dark pixies or drac cape despite not being the best looking items in the game.

Though people wanting to buy that look off you could get pretty annoying at times

I could stand out, anyone could stand out with less-valued items on their pixelian. “Show-off”, yes that could be the reason.

anyone want to rate my set :pleading_face:

More purple-n-red for the torso would make it look nicer.

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Btw Dracula cape is rising AGAIN because Migo is banned ( he had 2 Dracula capes) :moyai: it’s not even worth to buy d cape anymore

Noice migo got banned yay uzzi also has drac and is also a blank he could also get blank

Blank is used for naming and shaming purposes

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