Should i buy New device?

Hello, i just want to ask should i buy New device because in my tablet i keeps lagging out of game in Every 2-20 minutes and its very frustrating. It makes me making content rly hard If i keep lagging soo often.just starts lagging until the game freezes totally.

Have you tried turning the FPS to 30, and turning the background, shadows, item animation, and weather off? Also try changing the quality to the lowest.

Item animations were off, but not that u listed

Try turning them all off. It might make a difference.

Fazeus: PW Lagging for 20mins
Me: Lagging for an hour, calls internet provider, smashing my pc.
** First Time? ** :smirk:

oh i remember you write something in the guestbook XD

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No i lagggg so i have to restart game till i lag again after 2-20mins

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Try to do what @SubOliverJ said, if that doesn’t work then you probably need a new device. You should go for a device with 2+ GB RAM and a decent processor.

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If the device is at fault, yes. If the game’s optimization is at fault, try something else.

You can just bring it to a store which fixes devices and it will cost less than buying a new device

That’s an option if the device is new and has decent specs. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like he’s using an outdated device (a low amount of RAM and probably an unstable processor) therefore bringing it to a store to get it fixed won’t be any help. I also experienced this with my old devices before, my new devices with better specs are able to handle the game now.