Should i redesign my world?

btw so much players said my world messy and weird so i have alot of glass block and scifi block 5 so should i redesign my world to white? cause the block mix together so thats weird world i want to make the world clean :smiley:

It’s your call. You own the world, after all.

They cant just judge you off just because they told you your world is messy. But yea, as what Jay said. You can build the world whenever you wanted.

burn it to the ground


ok then lol already few places i build now lol
check the world if you want

What world? Might visit it later.

well btw clan world:VANOTEMPATAPI
i still will redesign the world because not all that i redesign


I’d suggest you changing glass block to wood wall blocks. There quite better.

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i change the parkour too

and there is prize box there with orange shard prize

Messy? Take a look at this:


._. is that your world?

yes, it is my world.