Should i sell my BRONZE KEY to PWE or via WL

title says it all, where shall i pick? will delete thread if i have the answers.
thanks in advnced ~

No need to delete.

I would say Byte Coins, and they also seem to rise 250 per WL at the moment.

I also prefer Byte Coins more than WLS, just because they are so handy and useful.
I think that people is also getting more used to them nowadays, which is a really good thing
for the future of Pixel Worlds. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for the reply, wish me luck with these bc profits.

If you will sell a lot or need to sell it quickly
Then probably WL
But i guess pwe better if you are not in a rush as you could just post it up while you mine more
Also you could increase the price a bit
Like for example BC - 300/1 Bronze key 2/1
You could sell it for 150-180 bc in pwe
So i guess it gives more if you are patient