Should i sell my platinum key or use it?

I was thinking is it worth enough if i use my platinum key or do i just sell it off? I got it by starting mining from tier 1 now i am at 5 but idk if it’s worth it. I would also like to know how do i get the pocket watch.

Again, you can sell it if you don’t want to take the risk and you can profit, but in the other hand. You can use it and if your lucky enough, you can get pocket watches or lore-related items.

Good luck!

If you’re planning to do more than 100+ Level 5 mines in the future, then use it. Otherwise, just sell it. Doing Lvl 5 Mines is a hard grind, and risking for a pocket watch is simply not worth it anymore, due to its constant fall in price.

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If you have a great mining set you can try using it, remember to bring potions also, in one lvl 5 mine you can get 2-3 wls worth of gems, if you get about 10 huge diamond you can sell them for 5-8 wls