Should KUKOURI just sell pixel worlds?

  • Yes
  • No

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No, they shouldn’t. They should start using brains and also…. They should stop hiring 10yo to items designing team

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They don’t got money :skull:. To be more specific they can’t afford to hire anyone cause they might not be able to pay them sometimes.

Ubisoft already bought it


lol i am 1 but could make good items i have been playing pw since i was 6 and thought of relly good items for pw just saying

whoops i put 1 instead of 10

Actually you need to be 13 to use the forums :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You know it feels really awkward if I were to told you to stop using the forums so I guess you should do it on your own


Lets hire you! You could make items for next halloween😅

There are no such a rule so stop telling lie to younger people ._.

Shush rando not ask :x:

Its a rule now if it wasnt


i would like to get hired

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I would like to get hired as a janitor :star_struck:

Mods already have that job— they take out the trash.


Then why haven’t they taken me out?


learn fro growtopia. ubisoft ruined the game for me

This one is good​:sweat_smile::ok_hand: lol

nice picture… now i can send it :slight_smile: