Should the drop feature be removed?

In Pixel World’s recent livestream, Jake has mentioned a very controversial statement about the developers thinking about removing the dropping feature in order to reduce scams in the game. Although this is a good idea in general, there are still some disadvantages with this.

What do you guys think about this? Should the feature be removed? Or should it stay as it is? Why or why not? Do you also think the devs should add something in exchange to this? Like a equipabble and placeable backpack to store our items in or something related to that?


Removing “Drop” feature seems like a very effective way to reduce scams (Dropgames) but it’s also limit us to do stuffs for example trash prank, giveaway, or even storage.

But i think it would be good if devs make drop feature only allowed in world with rights (Full right not minor), public worlds with no locks/smaller locks, and your own world locked worlds.

Also, it would be cool if Devs added more trade slot if drop feature removed.


This would be better than removing it entirely.

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If the drop feature was removed it would have equal advantages and disadvantages. But I would not want it to be removed. I haven’t gotten scammed more than 5 world locks in pixel worlds and I don’t host drop games. I know how to avoid getting scammed so this feature wouldn’t help me in any way, but it would help a lot of other people. If dropping was removed, what would happen to already dropped items? Would they become glitch items? Would would trading require removing all dropped items? Speaking of world trading, that is no longer possible, instead of world trading we would need more trading slots. Speaking of slots we need 150-200 inventory slots.

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I don’t think the drop feature should be removed just to reduce scams as it can also negatively affect other situations (already stated by others above). About players getting scammed, all they have to do is to be educated on how to avoid getting scammed, we should all team up in reporting those scammers, the in-game moderators will do the rest.

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i hate this…well i want to know what trash prank is

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Removing the drop feature is basically a punishment for us for scamming. Everyone please stop scamming or we might never get to drop again :frowning:

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Dropping alot of random useless stuff in a place in a world, then letting a person pick them up through a portal unexpectedly

I can accept to what BlackWight said.
I can be alive if the drop feature is only available to the worlds you own,

Used to trash prank my afk friends, but if this exists then it’s sad.

I think the drop feature, should be removed for players under level 25, (They could still drop in there own worlds). as most of the players who fall for drop games are new players. I think completely removing the drop feature is a bad idea.

No, no and no. Scammers will replace drop games with other scams. Scams are a part of any online community, whether we like it or not. Scammers will always come up with new ways to steal from others.

The best thing they could do, is to raise more awareness of drop games and similar scams. Learning how not to get scammed is an important life lesson, as it will prevent bigger future losses outside of the virtual world that actually matter.

When I began playing the game called Growtopia during 2014, at the age of eight and a half, I got scammed countless of times. I gradually progressed and learnt how not to get scammed. The last time that I got scammed anywhere was in 2015. I got scammed two Angel Wings (~120 Growtopia World Locks), which took me over half a year of playing to get. I cried for half an hour, and was sad for a weekend. I got over it, then began the whole process of getting my stuff back again.
And here I am now, almost exactly six years later.

I think this is a good example, due to the games being so similar.


How can I use my storages if drop feature gets removed?

If drop feature is removed, players can become careless with stuff. Don’t drop in drop games is like a wake up call for people that you CAN get scammed here and that it’s your responsibility to keep your items safe. Other cases where in people are scammed, they learn from it and really try harder to secure their items and become less naive because of “it’s just a game I won’t get scammed.”. That’s just one reason i think players will become careless.

Tl;dr remove drop for safety -> less character development

can we remove the drop feature in dynamic worlds? I have picked up other players trash too many times.

There is absolutely no way I’ll ever manage to store all of my… definitely not trash, nope. My items… in safes or just keep them in my inventory. There’s no way. I’m a collector, what if they come in handy one day?!

For real though, even though it would definitely reduce the scams it would also be a huge disadvantage for everyone else… or for myself anyway TT.

It would reduce drop games and scams that have something to do with dropping. But it also would increase other types of scams, as the scammers replace dropgames with something else.

Yes, yes it would. But there are other ways around it instead of removing it completely, I am sure of that. I, for one, would probably not even play anymore if I have to give up everything I’ve built so far, including storages like seed storages and everything else.

You may prefer safes, I prefer my farm where I dropped my seeds to see them properly/find them easier. It’s just how I see it, scamming won’t stop either way. They’ll always find ways, just like you said lol.

I’d probably also quit. Dropping items is one of the fundamental things in the game.

I agree with this. I think removing the drop feature is completely silly and ineffective attempts to “stop scams”. We are living in 2021 right now. Nobody doesn’t know about the drop scam. It’s just straight out scam with zero intellectual reasoning behind it that I would hardly consider it a “scam” to begin with. Most of those who get scammed are either greedy or those who want to gamble trying to play once and quit while the scammer is establishing trust. It works sometimes, but it doesn’t most of the times.

TLDR: It’s silly to remove the “drop” feature because of “drop scam”. The victims know well they’re dealing with sketchy players when asked to drop for literally no reason. It’s not a great reason to remove this feature.

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What if you don’t have full rights to the world, but you have full rights in the small lock. What happens if you break a block or a tree there?