Signs in guestbooks are NOT badges of honor

Stop. doing. this. Guest book signs are NOT MEANT to be badges of honor. They’re just notices that someone visited your world and wanted to leave a note.

wrong. they can be what people want them to be.
if someone wants to show off that they got a signature from a famous player then let them do so.
don’t gatekeep guestbooks for godsake.


It can be whatever they want them to be. Entries of your personal diary, reminders, etc. Get off your high horse.


They were NOT INTENDED to be badges of honor by the devs.

I’m just TIRED of people that do this kind of crap. I’m not jealous, I’m just annoyed that people are like “hey, I got a message by just another person but a person that has access to the admin panel!”

A lot of things were not intended to be used the way they are now. It is called creativity and usage of your imagination that allows people to use a lot of different things in a totally different concept. You wanna be stuck in your own white and black coloured world? Please do so and avoid dictating and conversing with other people. This does not break any in-game rules and you are in no position to tell people what to do.


Sadly I use my imagination and i imagine WW3 :frowning_face:


forums weren’t made for whinging, but here we are. :sneezing_face:


Some people look up to moderators and see them as a role model. I don’t see anything wrong with someone being excited about their role model noticing their existence by signing their guest books.

(Sorry if this was worded weird, English isn’t my first language).

Glad that person happy :sweat_smile:, been playing on his parkour…


Imagine someone who almost never gets online (like Wicker10) signed your guestbook, wouldn’t that be an amazing flex? :rofl:

I see where the OP is coming from.

This is why I don’t sign guestbooks. People use them solely for the reason of flexing. People see me as nothing but a trophy and it’s no different for these people.
Not to mention the people that ask me to sign are usually people who don’t ever make an effort to visit or talk to me.

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But I like whinging :frowning_face:

Oof, what a timely post as I asked you yesterday and you declined twice xD.

I guess what you did was freckles

I asked Neo if he could write a brief summary in the world pwfame, he declined with his “I do not sign guestbooks”. So I asked what would it take and he said “the fact that you respect that I said no”. I was like fair enough and left.

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speaking of

Yes, that was not me, but definitely looks like a lot of people ask the same thing.