Skeapy skeapy scammer

So if you playing pixel worlds for like 10 days already you could see a guy named skeapy either make mannequin clothes switch scam or the most recent one: selling like 200-300k gems for 500 rate but when you join his worlds like wingem4 (i just joined to see if gems are still here and nope he scammed someone again…) - there is surely not 200-300k, he just drop a few SAME size gemstones in the same block so people cant count it… and people seriously still trust this stuff…
I wish i could get rid of this player and most other scammers like him earlier but sadly i guess im not good enough to be a mod cuz i wasnt accepted in mod application. Also sadly i only see 1-2 mods per day but most time zones are ‘modless’

also yeah i said ‘playing for 10 days’ cuz hes account is only 10 days old and look at his skin already (i also saw him wearing polar bear cape, who know what else he has), surely he got this legit.
Ah also another thing is… Everyone grind 300k gems for 10 minute just after you sold 200k gems? Cuz if hes not scammer and there is actually 300k gems here that he got THAT fast then teach me how to do that

Please do not name and shame on forums, if you have a scammer to report, either message us (mods) if you see them online or email support.
Anyways, forums isn’t the place to report scammers.