SL is still decayed

I locked a world and left a sign like this : ![image|176x105, 75%]

The owner came back and the sl was still decayed.



Edit : After a few hours the sl came back to normal , but it was still open.
The owner had to edit the sl since it was on public.

emm im not really sure what you mean the owner coming back in game doesnt repair the sl i dont think ?

it will fix itself. the lock, will be open to everyone to build and break i think still.

Hmmm, interesting. I have never seen something like this before.

Maybe it was intended by the developers that if a lock decays, then it remains decayed, eventhough the owners comes online after it.

I understand what you thought; a lock decays, and if the owner comes back, then it shouldn’t show as it has decayed before, but this is different.

So gotta ask the developers about how does that work.

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